Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update on the first 4 days of fun!

I'm 4 days in to Run to the Finish 30 day challenge and thought I'd update on how its going!

Day 1: I finally decided to start 30 Rock from Season 1. It is a show that always makes me happy, but I started watching. So I spent an extra hour laying in bed in the morning and started 2 episodes! I never allow myself to stay in bed, I normally feel like I'm wasting my day, so it was a great change!

Day 2: Was lucky enough to go check out the new place with Will for us to do some measuring and make some furniture decisions, and then got to watch basketball! You know from my last posts that I love my basketball!

Day 3: I worked from home yesterday because of some work I was trying to finish, but took my lunch break to watch What Not to Wear and to daydream with the JCrew catalog, one of my all time favorite past times!

Day 4: Today has been a fun one and its one of the things I love most about my office. We can deal with some ridiculous people, and yet spend an hour laughing about it rather than stressing out. Aubs and I spent the day rocking to some Glee Pandora music, there were a lot of laughs, and I might have even left Allison's office by doing my best pony riding to Pitbull. I mean its not Ginuine, but he'll do :) Today was the epitome of finding fun in the small things. I also ended with a dinner with 8 of my closest friends in town. Score!

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