Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Funday Awards Edition

I have spent another week traveling like a mad woman! First an extension presentation in Evansville, IN. I ordered a heart shaped pizza for my lovely homies, because unfortunately that is how we spent our Valentine's Day. Lucky for me I got to go to The Melting Pot with manfriend the night before. We don't really do V-Day presents, but I got him some DVD's and he got me this awesome candle I was eyeing for my soaks in the tub.

Spent the last few days in Hartford, CT at the Northeast Greek Leadership Association Conference. It was so nice to see some former students of mine and some of my favorite colleagues! These things always re-energize me for the work that I'm doing and helps remind me that Fraternities and Sororities make a difference in our students lives! I'm however home and exhausted. Just made me some Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels and am now home all night to watch the red carpet and Oscars! This is my favorite time of year!

Hopefully I'll have more fun things to report now that I'm actually home for a bit, for now..I relax :)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Big Ole Cliche'

So Justina and I are on our last day in Buffalo together (she stays put, but I leave tomorrow. Woohoo!) We decided since Canada didn't pan out last weekend, we'd try to do something not work related today.

As the post title implies, its been one big old girly cliche' today. We started the day with bid day to round out the end of recruitment. We still have some work to do here in the long run, but we definitely ended on a high! Because of the snow we decided today wasn't the best day for a Canada do-over, so instead we made an indoor girly day. The two of us went and got bubble tea, which was a first for me. It was delicious and in the cutest little shop. The tapioca pearls are definitely interesting to get used to, but you do eventually. I've now been scoping out places in Indy. Justina got the milk based one, I got a fruit one. I actually preferred Justina's almond milk, lesson learned!
So after our tea adventures, we decided a movie date was in order. The obvious choice? The Vow. A. it has two of my favorite people in it. B. Why sit at home when you can cry it out in a movie with a friend? While not the best movie ever made, it served its purpose and we got a good cry in. Finally we ended our day at Fowler's Chocolates . They have the usual delicious truffles, caramels, and treats, but also have lots of buffalo shaped chocolates. I bought some Truffalo's to bring back to the staff, but really wanted the Buffaloreo's too :)
 Because I've got to do some packing tonight, we finished up with pizza for dinner and are looking forward to SNL tonight. Sorority bid day, tea, chocolates, pizza, girly movies....seriously could we be any more of a walking girl cliche' today?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Buffa-Lovin It

So I suppose you never know where life is going to take you, and my life has taken me to Buffalo, NY for the past 2 weeks! I've still got a few more days here, but thought I'd get this blog moving again with some of my Buffalo adventures.

I'm here for work and have spent a whole lot of time planning and preparing for recruitment for two of our chapters up here, but Justina and I have managed to squeeze in some fun. J took me to Niagara Falls which was really cool! Unfortunately, after hounding me for weeks about bringing my passport, she forgot hers. We only saw the Buffalo side but it was great nonetheless. Another sad moment is that on the Buffalo side you can apparently get really close, but due to winter and ice issues they close off the stairways. Here are some pics of the trip!

While I hate wings which of course Buffalo is known for, it hasn't stopped the two of us from visiting the local wing places. We hit up Anchor Bar and tonight made it to Duff's. Justina and I like to go local, so we also researched and bought some delicious ice cream from Lake Effect . I bought Cinnamon Toast, no complaints :)
The trip has definitely been exhausting and I have no desire to travel for 2.5 weeks again, but we've had some fun too. Its nice to actually have someone here and to not be traveling alone for once. That has allowed for a whole lot of laughs, some venting, and some major car singing/jam sessions. Looking forward to being home, but I won't spend as much time hating on Buffalo anymore. I'll be spreading the Buffa-love!