Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project Runway Obsessed!

I've always loved Project Runway, but in Thursday night's episode there were two outfits I would steal immediately!

The first link is to Josh's LBD. I am on my third sorority preference party this week and wish more than anything I had that dress to take with me! I think the details are just amazing!

Victor's look is my other favorite. I will definitely say that while I would love to wear it, it is more daring color wise than I normally wear. Which is probably why I'm obsessing. She just looks so hip and cool!

Quick loves for the day, now off to see Lion King in 3D, because well even at 30 you have to indulge your childhood fantasies now and then :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some fall wish list items

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Here are some of the items/things I'm coveting for Fall.
 1. This striped Ann Taylor silk tee
2. This jacket, but basically the entire J. Crew store!
3. Dresses that I can pair with tights all fall/winter
4. Leopard print, revas...leopard print reva's!