Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fruit and Oats Mean I'm Cooking Healthy, Right?

So being home means I actually get to do a little cooking so I am reporting on two recipes that I tested out this weekend!

Last night, I went over to a friends house for a KU/OSU viewing party. Since the game was late at night, we all just brought over snacks, so it gave me an excuse to try out the fruit salsa recipe that I've had my eye on. I had made the cinnamon sugar tortilla chips before, so I knew at least those would be delicious. I'm just linking up to the recipe, because I pretty much stole the whole thing. I also forgot to take pictures. Bad blogger, I know. So here is the fruit salsa. I found the recipe on The Girl Who Ate Everything. Really the only thing I did different was add a little bit of nectarine. It turned out amazing, and everyone gobbled it up. This will be a party staple from here on out for me. Not to mention it lends itself to substituting fruit in season or on sale. Looking forward to making it again during farmer's market season!

So I had another recipe I've been itching to try, as I'm still trying to not eat out and to keep snacks on hand at home. Recipe 2 was homemade chewy granola bars! Lauren's Latest provided me a great basic recipe so I won't repeat it either, but the only change I would make is to use a little less honey, mine are delicious, but definitely honey flavored. Can't wait to make these again with different varieties as well!

 The brown sugar, butter, and honey. Just heat this up until bubbly, and then lower and stir for 2 minutes. You then add the oats and rice krispies and stir. You then pat it down tight in together like below!

These made 10 bars for me. I wrapped in saran wrap and have them individually to go!

Both recipes a big hit this weekend, though I can't wait to perfect them on the second try!

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