Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Found My Mantra!

A few months ago I had a meeting about next weeks Service Immersion trip to Hawaii and as part of the curriculum the students will be doing a vision board and talking about their legacies. This really got me thinking about what I wanted mine to be. I really hadn't ever been able to put into words what my legacy would be. I knew I wanted to make people happy, I knew I wanted to make things around me better, I knew I wanted to live a life of spunk and zest and not one wasted. (Look at that, words, maybe this isn't so hard). I stumbled upon this quote however on Pinterest the other day and knew this was it. It sums up EXACTLY what all of the things above mean to be, but does it more succinctly. I have just found my life mantra! Do you have a life mantra? Do you know what you want your legacy to be? I'd love to hear other people's!!

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